Jerry Konter for NAHB 3rd Vice Chair

The quality of a neighborhood, a town or an entire city can be seen in the quality of its homes. Jerry Konter believes that in his line of work, only by building high quality housing will his customers and community benefit. In much the same way, he believes strongly that only by instilling high quality in every aspect of NAHB’s administration will the industry, its members and our country benefit as the result of our efforts.

Meet the Candidate

Meet Jerry Konter, candidate for 2019 NAHB 3rd Vice Chair. Jerry and his wife Marcy have two adult children, Mark 36 and Tess 32. The Konter family has lived and worked in the Savannah, Georgia area for over four decades and remains deeply rooted in their community today. Jerry’s wife Marcy and son Mark also serve as Principles in the business Jerry founded, Konter Quality Homes.

An NAHB member since 1977, Jerry owns and oversees his Savannah, GA based business. He has been highly involved in his local Homebuilders Association since 1980, serving as its president in 1998. Board, Administration and Committee involvement include the following:

Committees Chaired:

1988 – Parade of Homes, 1991 – Homeshow, 1995 & 1996 – Membership, 1998 – Engineers & Developers Council, 1999 – Founders Scholarship Committee 1999 – Site Selection Committee, 1999 – BPAC, 2000 – Better Relations Committee, 2000 – Building Committee

Other Committee Involvement:

1983 – Parade of Homes, 1996-1997 – Auction Committee, 2002-2012 – BPAC Crab Race Committee,
Multiple years on Executive Committee, Served as Member of Developers Council from its inception to present day.

Board of Directors:

1980 – 2018 Continuous service

Administrative Offices Held:

1988 – Secretary, 1989 – Treasurer, 1990 – Vice-President, 1991 – President

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