“I am pleased and proud to support Jerry as 3rd Vice Chairman of the NAHB. I have worked with Jerry as his vice chair of Federal Government Affairs, I am amazed at the breadth of knowledge Jerry has on all the issues that involve our committee. I never known someone who can ask such insightful questions. He is a leader.”

Edward Martin, J.D., CPA
President-Tilson Home Corporation, Austin

“I have known Jerry for over 10 years and I have gotten to know him more personally back in 2012-2014 when we served as State Reps. I was moderator in of state reps in 2014 and I could count on Jerry for advice and support during my term. Jerry and I served as National Area Chairmen together in 2016-2017 and Jerry has brought years of experience of serving on different committees. He is a great listener and has a way of bringing all those ideas of the committee together. Jerry’s commitment to NAHB is genuine and wants nothing but the best for NAHB. Jerry is approachable and is willing to listen to all ideas that will make NAHB better. Jerry is a consensus builder and he will be a great senior officer. I am proud to know Jerry and to call him friend.”

Phil Hoffman
Builder, Connecticut

“Jerry Konter has my support for 3rd Vice Chairman of NAHB. I have known Jerry for a number of years and had the opportunity to work with him in his various leadership roles at the national level, chairing committees, planning strategies and coordinating implementation, and have been impressed by his ability to work with others to further the mission of this federation.”

Carl Harris Co., Inc.
President/General Manager

Wichita, Kansas

“Jerry Konter is a leader. Jerry Konter has the experience, temperament and style to continue to move our federation to the next level. I’ve worked side-by-side with Jerry on various committees and working groups and have seen firsthand how he sees the larger picture and is able to bring people to consensus to actually move the ball forward. I am very pleased and proud to support Jerry in election as 3rd Vice Chairman. NAHB will be better because of him.”

Gregory Peek
Vice President
ERGS, Inc.

“I have known Jerry for almost ten years and during that time served on several committees with him as well as serving as both a State Rep and National Area Chairman together. I was able to witness Jerry’s leadership abilities when he was the chairman of State and Local Government Affairs of which I was a member. His leadership style is thoughtful and encourages participation of all members. Jerry was a NAC when I was the NAC Moderator and I found Jerry to be a team player and someone I could reach out to when I needed a valued opinion. Jerry has always demonstrated a great knowledge of our industry, is not shy in letting his opinions be known, but is always eager to listen and understand other positions on a subject. I believe Jerry is very capable of leading our great association, he will be a valuable addition to the Senior Officer team and has my full support. “

George A. LaCava
Trilacon Development Corporation